CS & UX: Putting the Pieces Together

Come out and see me speak with my super smart sister, Anna Hrach, at the next Phoenix Content Strategy Meetup. It’s also one of the featured events for Phoenix Design Week 2013.

Content Strategy (CS) and User Experience (UX) might seem like completely separate disciplines. But the reality is they’re working towards the exact same goal: amazing digital experiences that satisfy both business objectives and user needs. So, instead of separating them shouldn’t we really be asking how the two could come together to create solutions?

Join us to hear how brother-and-sister duo Jon Hrach—UX Designer at Modest UX—and Anna Hrach—content strategy manager at ethology and co-organizer of the Phoenix Content Strategy Meetup—had to do just that when they went from tight-knit siblings to real-life coworkers.

I’m pretty excited about this one. Book now, though. There’s only a few spots left.

Update: Wow, sold out. You guys are amazing.

Update 2: It was great! Thank you to Phoenix Design Week and the Phoenix Content Strategy Meetup for having me. Thank you also to Aaron Smitthipong and Andi Robbins for saving the day with AV support. You guys are amazing. Embedded below are a few photos from the event and the presentation slides.